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Gucci embroidered low-top sneaker rose – “flower embroidery shoes” conquered the world

These floral Gucci shoes have been worn by many Vietnamese stars. This is a version that is particularly popular with women, with beautiful roses embroidered along the body of the shoe, extending to the toe of the shoe. The combination of both sweet roses and fresh green leaves brings a feminine touch but is still very healthy for the wearer. Therefore, these shoes can bring you super high outfit customization, from jeans, to short skirts, dynamic shorts, to long pleated skirts, velvet skirts … lost “with shoes.


Although Gucci is very “mentally” offering a relatively “soft” price, but the figure of $ 695 is still too large for many young Vietnamese. So how to buy flower embroidery Gucci shoes at an “acceptable” price but still ensure quality? Please come to the answer at the end of the post.

Gucci embroidered low-top sneaker snake – elegant with “gentlemen” down the street

Designed in unisex style, although not as eye-catching as women’s roses, but the men’s solid Gucci shoes were chosen by many men as “companions”. Stylized snake logo with 4 colors of black – red – white – gray, lying naturally on the blue – red background of the company, just enough to show off its personality, not at all.


These shoes can follow you everywhere, go out, go to party, go to work, walk the street … all create luxurious colors but still very new.

Gucci snake shoes, if not 100% from Italian mode, the buyer should pay attention to the sewing of this pattern, the seams sink into the snake’s edge, if it is simply glued on, you need to consider. carefully before buying.

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