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Shoe sole sole, new sneaker care service

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Today when the trend of wearing sneakers is very popular, the ways of preserving and cleaning shoes are also very interested. Sticking sole shoe sole is a trend chosen by young people. So why is it so popular? What is sole sole sole shoe? Where to stick sole shoe sole?

What is sole sole sole shoe? And why is it so popular?

The sole protector is the sole protector that is attached under the sole. They are used to help prevent dirt and dust from adhering to the sole. The sole gluing will limit the friction between the sole surface and the ground, the longer the shoe’s lifespan, and the disintegration of the sole. The main advantages such as keeping the soles clean, increasing the longevity of the shoes, not slippery, still maintaining the aesthetics of the shoes … make the sealing of the sole carrying a trend to help preserve the most effective shoes. .


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