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Suggestions for feng shui jewelry for the new year of fortune

In harmony with the atmosphere of welcoming Spring, DHK Jewelry brings feng-shui jewelry suggestions to girls with the desire to bring a radiant appearance as well as wishes for a peaceful and prosperous new year.

What is better than when you can confidently walk around, travel springtime with luxurious jewelry, attracting all eyes!

1. Par Kim

Delicacy and depth are the highlights in the personality of the destined Kim

For the destined Kim, it is possible to choose diamond jewelry patterns with white color representing their destiny because this brings harmony and creates a good source of vitality in life.blank


Sensitivity, gentleness and creativity are outstanding features of the Moc people

For the destitute Moc, according to the theory of the five elements – “Aquatic Moc” (or Moc Hydroponic), the ideal colors for you are dark blue, blue, blue, blue of Sapphire, Topaz. , black pearl … which are the typical colors of Thuy.


3. Destiny Shui

Quang Ngai and creativity are the outstanding features of the par Thuy people

Those who are destined to Thuy should choose for themselves white stone jewelry such as Diamond, because according to the law of mutuality in the five elements “Diamonds of Water” and the white color of Diamond will be the perfect color to bring luck. for the destiny of Thuy. Besides, people of par Thuy can also choose for themselves black and blue jewelry of Saphire and Topaz, which is the color typical of Thuy.

Destiny Shui
Destiny Shui

4. Destiny

The outstanding feature of the Martian is that he has a very rich creative mind and imagination

For those who are destined to Fire, because according to the law of mutuality “Moc born Fire” (fire is energized by the tree), Emerald jewelry with green color of Moc element as well as colored gem jewelry compatible with Fire like Red, Pink, Purple of Ruby, Amethyst … will bring good luck to the owner.


5. Par brothels

Persistence and loyalty are characteristic of the Tho destiny

For those who are destined to Earth, because of the Fire of Life Earth, in addition to the brown, dark yellow gem jewelry that represents the Earth’s palace, you can choose jewelry with hot colors such as the red color of Garnet stone, Amethyst purple, Ruby pink … which are typical colors for the Fire palace …

Par brothels
Par brothels

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