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Thoughtful 3d Birthday Gift Cards to Amaze Your Dad

Is your dad’s birthday coming this month? If the answer is ”yes”, then don’t miss this article. We will help you make his big day more meaningful with some impressive gift ideas. Below are definitely the most thoughtful 3d Birthday Gift Cards to Amaze Your Dad.

Fire Truck 3D Pop Up Card

Thoughtful 3d Birthday Gift Cards to Amaze Your Dad
Fire Truck 3D Pop Up Card

The card is awesome in a traditional red tone of fire departments. The cover of the card feature a unique laser-cut badge with the image of a firefighter wearing a mask. It also has an incredible papercraft of a huge 3D Fire Truck in red color as well. The fire engine is full of firefighting equipment such as a ladder, hoses…

The card was created to honor the brave firefighters. They are the ones who extinguish big fires and rescue people and even animals. Their works are extremely dangerous. That is why what the firefighters do is really amazing.

This Fire Truck 3D Pop Up Card will be an excellent present for any recipient, especially if your beloved dad is a firefighter. It can also be a great educational model for your kids when they learn about transportations or a special gift to your firefighter friend on his birthday.

Native American 3D Pop Up Card

Thoughtful 3d Birthday Gift Cards to Amaze Your Dad 2
Native American 3D Pop Up Card

Inside this 3D card, there is a model of a man riding a black horse with an arrow in his hand. He is ready to hunt in the forest. The surrounding area with tents and wild plants is also where he lives.

Native Americans were known to be not only good at planting and breeding but also hunted very well. The figure of a native American hunter symbolizes strength, courage, and tenacity. He has no fear and is powerful enough to defeat dangerous beasts on his own.

Besides, the image of tribe tents is also a notation of unity, peace, and freedom. The tribe’s members lived a happy and peaceful life together in the middle of the jungle. Despite being separated from everything outside, Native Americans were not restricted by any rule and law. Therefore, they could be free to do whatever they wanted.

Every detail in this 3D pop-up is super creative and harmonious. That is why the Native American 3D Pop-Up Card can be an ideal present for your daddy on his birthdays or other anniversaries like Father’s Day.

Bison 3D Pop Up Card

Thoughtful 3d Birthday Gift Cards to Amaze Your Dad 3
Bison 3D Pop Up Card

This card describes a mighty bison with two horns, a blackhead, a big furry beard, and a yellow coat. He is standing on a yellow background, which is decorated like a wild savanna. The Bison are large, even-toed ungulates. They are known as among the biggest members of the subfamily Bovinae in nature.

This animal signifies strength, an indomitable spirit, and the power to overcome trouble. Its symbolism also appeared in many legends and stories of ancient tribes. To the Native Americans, the Bison were sacred and respected animals. They believed that this creature was the embodiment of the Great Mother, who sacrificed herself to save others.

This card is a perfect gift choice for your father, brothers, or relatives… It can be used for all occasions and purposes. You can gift one on their birthdays, International Friendship Day, Father’s Day…

Gorilla 3D Pop Up Card

Thoughtful 3d Birthday Gift Cards to Amaze Your Dad 4
Gorilla 3D Pop Up Card

Renowned as the largest living primates, Gorillas have hands and feet like humans including opposable thumbs and big toes. They are one of the best inspirations for us to create Gorilla the pop-up greeting cards which are simulated and assembled by a multi-component paper art craft.

The animal in this greeting card has fur in black and a huge body. He is standing by both arms and legs on a large log to affirm his power and belief that inner strength will get anybody through the difficult parts of life.

The gorilla symbol stands for loyalty, leadership, compassion, dignity, and accountability. The symbolic meanings for the gorilla are more concentrated on selflessness than individualism and provide us with several valuable lessons in responsibility.

Sending this great Gorilla 3d greeting card to spread your love, your care, and your thoughtfulness to your dear father. This gift card will be an excellent option because you can write your own message and wishes, which is the most meaningful gift to him.

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